[Saint Laurence]

St. Laurence’s Roman Catholic Church

Parish Priest:
Fr. Patrick Cleary

Assistant Priest:
Fr. Bob Eccles OP

91 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1XB
Tel/Fax: 01223 704640
Email: office@saintlaurence.org.uk

Diocese of East Anglia

Rev. Geoffrey Cook
(Tel: 01223 351650)

The Catholic Agency for Overseas Development (CAFOD)

CAFOD is the official aid agency for the Catholic Church in England and Wales. It aims to put Christian faith into practice by helping some of the world’s poorest people to improve their lives. It does this by campaigning, raising awareness of issues of injustice and fundraising for its humanitarian relief and sustainable development work in over 70 countries. There are two national main fund raising events each year, the Lent and Harvest Fast Day Appeals. Families are asked to give the amount they would spend on a meal to CAFOD.

CAFOD at St Laurence’s

It has become customary in the Parish to supplement the gift envelopes with a Lenten Simple Supper and a Sale of Harvest Goods and Harvest Supper. During the summer we usually try to have a third fundraising event.

CAFOD also runs regular campaigns that seek to change policies that keep people in poverty. We try to support these. We also try to hold at least one event each Lent and Easter which focuses upon prayer and reflection. Helpers are always wanted to read appeals, collect envelopes and organise events. Details of CAFOD publications and Gift Aid forms are on the notice board. Green collecting boxes, to use at home, are available in the sacristy.

For more information and offers of help please contact Mary Watkins, parish representative, (Tel: Cambridge 526157; e-mail: marywatkins999@live.com).

See also CAFOD’s web site.

CAFOD Hands On

For Autumn 2014, Cafod has a new exciting new scheme called Hands On. This is a series of vitally important new projects that support specific communities as they undertake a two year project, and lets you follow their progress.

Our first project is in Kitui, Kenya. The community are going to restore their water supply. This will take two years and will cost £206,517. You can get Hands On too and help the community reach their goal by setting up a regular Direct Debit gift. You will get regular updates as the project progresses. Will you get Hands On and make a regular donation to change lives in Kitui? For more information go to www.cafod.org.uk/Give/Donate-to-CAFOD/Hands-On